UFC 103 co-headliners Mirko Cro Cop and Junior Dos Santos both look ready to deliver an explosive bout on Saturday night. The weight advantage goes to Cigano, as he weighed 236 ...


CroCop: Pride or Die

We thought that we were about to meet the grim face of a man who’s moment of Fate is getting closer. But, Mirko Filipovic was in a particularly good mood that weekend. In a happy mood, and with his regular set of pranks, he said the following:

“I feel very good today, I would really like to beat someone up.” Luckily, that day did not feature any serious sparring. The only feature was a brave sparring session with his long time sparring partner Igor Pokrajac, who by the way looked brilliant, with coloured skin like a Brazilian. But CroCop will have the opportunity to get some serious fighting next Sunday. Then (Sunday), in Saitama Arena, the same beutiful arena that was host to the recent world championship in basketball, he will face the biggest challenge of his career in the tournament of four, for the absolute weight world champion crown in mixed martial arts.

“The next fight for a fighter is always the most important one, but this is the fight with the highest stakes. If I want to win the Grand Prix, I will have to defeat two very dangerous and mighty fighters within two hours. First of all Silva, but later on also Nogueira or Barnett.” According to his manager, Mr. Zvonimir Lucic, Mirko was paired with the the most potant and dangerous fighter, the wild Wanderlei Silva.

“Silva likes to give his opponants the impression that he is wild and aggressive and it is a fact that he is not afraid of anyone, but with me he will have to be careful. When he forced you into a corner, he throws his looping hooks at you. He can knock anybody out while standing up because his style is thaiboxing, but we are at about the same level on the ground” said Mirko. Former wrestler, Davor Lukic, chinesiologist from the clinic Ligament, which Mirko regularly visits, has the impression that Mirko never has looked this good going into a fight. Musclewise, that is the work of Mirko and his conditional trainer prof. Dr. Igor Jukic but also the Vinkovci based Dr. Zeljko Kapulice, the man who changed Mirko’s diet.

“Dr. Kapulica takes care of my diet, and Dr. Bucan is my guardian angel, he heals my injuries. Dr. Kapulica is going with me to Tokyo and in October Dr. Bucan is going with me to Las Vegas.”

Before the departure of the strongest Croatian to Tokyo (on Thursday) two lighter trainings await. Both will be preformed in the comfort of his own training fascility in the basement of his own house. And on the wall of the fascility, in bald letters “PRIDE” is written. The name of the organisation for who’s belt he fights.

“My motto is still “Pride or die”. But on Sunday I will not let anybody step on my honour.”