UFC 103 co-headliners Mirko Cro Cop and Junior Dos Santos both look ready to deliver an explosive bout on Saturday night. The weight advantage goes to Cigano, as he weighed 236 ...


Crocop: I was lost

Although the KO he suffered looked deadly, Mirko's head doesn't hurt him. But, he is having problems with a swollen right ankle.
"I won't be doing anything for 2 weeks, won't even drink vitamins and proteins. I have to clean up my organism. Full of spite, I wanted to train the same evening I got back to Croatia, but I know it would be contraproductive", Mirko says.
He is feeling guilty for letting down his fans, especially those who came to Manchester to support him. And he doesn't care about those who took pleasure in his calvary.
"I don't have to justify myself to anyone. Besides being an amateur boxer for 2 years, thus being paid trips to a few tournaments, the country's sport system didn't invest in me. I am my own investment."
He doesn't have an excuse for his bad performance. He can't even explain what happened to him. Although, he can manage to describe the state he was in.
"I don't have an alibi. It happens in cycles to me. It looks like I blew myself out after winning the Pride OWGP belt. I wasn't happy even with my first UFC performance. This time I also didn't decide to engage an exchange of punches. I didn't have warrior spirit in me. I was lost."
He adds that besides no initiative, he also didn't have a strategy.
"All of that didn't have anything to do with the quality of my preparations and the shape I was in, but it had to do with my focus on the fight and my opponent. Before the fight I was nervous, I was thinking about all sorts of stupid things, I was just in a bad state. Unfortunately, I seem to be that type. I need a rough wake-up call in order to focus again."
He says he didn't even see the high-kick:
"After 3 or 4 elbows to the temple, I had blurry vision when I stood up."
Mirko is announcing changes in his training session. He is going to introduce elbows and elbow defence, which wasn't present in Pride.
"I'm not used to elbows, but that's my problem. I'm also going to do exercises for my injured ankles."

Source: http://www.vecernji.hr/newsroom/sports/more/789437/index.do
Translated by mislav coric

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