UFC 103 co-headliners Mirko Cro Cop and Junior Dos Santos both look ready to deliver an explosive bout on Saturday night. The weight advantage goes to Cigano, as he weighed 236 ...


CroCop back to trainings after a nose surgery

After a successfull nose surgery Cro Cop is back on track. Mirko doesn't hide the fact that he's highly motivated for his next bouts.

"Many are saying that I'm done, but I'll prove that they are wrong", says Mirko for Vecernji list (www.vecernji.hr)

What do you think you should change in your trainings?
"I want to gain more weight, from 100 to 105 kgs. In fights gainst Gonzaga and Kongo I realized that I need more power when fighting heavier
opponents-  I was spending too much power in clinching and ground game."

Who would you like to fight next?
"I would gladly fight Minotauro. Due to a septum deviation I had problems with my stamina, but now when I don't have such problems anymore I will prepare for my next fights with joy. I'll go to Amsterdam to train with Ivan Hyppolite and to spar with his fighters."