UFC 103 co-headliners Mirko Cro Cop and Junior Dos Santos both look ready to deliver an explosive bout on Saturday night. The weight advantage goes to Cigano, as he weighed 236 ...


Mirko visiting Holland

Today we caught Cro Cop between his daily training sesssions. Mirko was in a very good mood and he gladly answered a few questions for readers of Nokaut.com.

NOKAUT.COM: How do you feel at the moment?
Mirko: I'm doing great, just very busy.

Are you back to your normal training routine?
Mirko: Not yet actually, as I'm still recovering from the nose surgery. I'm getting back to desirable shape slowly, although I've never stopped training.

In your recent interview you said that you are extremely motivated?
Mirko: Oh trust me, I really am. You'll see.

How you future plans look like?
Mirko: I'm traveling to Holland this weekend, to train with Ivan Hyppolite. Our cooperation will become more intense when I get closer to a fight.

What's next for you in the UFC?
Mirko: I don't know, but I'll be glad to accept any challenge.